About us

We are Gerrit and Nolda Halderman born and raised in Zandvoort.
Parents of two grown up children and grandmother and grandfather of two grandchildren.

Since 1972 we have Rhodesian Ridgeback’s in our home with whom we occasionally breed a nest.
Since 1976 we have the kennelname ,, van die pronkhonde ‘’.
We were looking for a pleasant, sports, honest and uncomplicated dog and ended up with the Rhodesian Ridgeback.
Back then completely unknown, on the Winner there were only 8 present.
Now almost unimaginable.
Once you have a Ridgeback in your home you don't want anything else.
Altogether we had 4 litters, not much, but we want to be sure everything is 100% right, in terms of health, personality and looks!
We don't have room for large scale, the puppies are raised and socialized in our home.

At the moment we have two Ridgeback's in our home.
Dannar and Eboni (see the list of our dogs).