Our dogs

At his moment we have 2 Ridgeback's in our home:

'Dannar van die Pronkhonde' born; 2006.
'Eboni von der Burg Litermont' born; 2008.

Important dogs for us were 'Ikimba Malaika' 1996-2007.
Imported frrom Finland.
Bred by Marianne Gellin (Aaltonen).
She is in the bloodline of Dannar  (grandmother).
This was a wonderful 'open' dog, lovely character.

Also a very important dog was 'That’s Why He is Wayony' 1998 - 2006.
Bred by Ms. W.E. Ressang-Groenewegen.
He was the dog of our daughter, but almost daily with us.
Also he contributed to our line.
He really was a thug, quiet and no nonsense.

Next  'Chunta van die Pronkhonde' 2003.
Bred by ourselves.

From that litter we kept:
'Dannar van die Pronkhonde' 2006.
This male dog we have now in our home, we don't breed with him because he is very large!
eze reu hebben wij nu in huis, hier fokken wij niet mee omdat hij heel erg groot is!

Our 'latest' gain is:
Eboni von der Burg Litermont 2008 imported from Germany.
Bred by Ms. G. Leidinger.
With this bitch we intent to breed in spring/summer 2011.